Tango Risqué Alternative Tea Dance

Next Tango Risqué Alternative Tea Dance is on

Sunday 26 November 2017 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Tango Risqué Milongas

Sunday afternoon milonga tea dance at the Canoe Club, Caversham, Reading.

Monthly in the Summer (see below)

Mixed music – approx. 35% nuevo, 35% fusion, 30% salon. We do like to play the odd blues, swing, and nostalgic French tango too.

Tea Dances – 3 song tandas (often mixed) with cortinas – relaxed and fun. Home-made cakes & ice cream

Soirées – tandas with cortinas (often mixed) , 90 minutes continuous music after 6.30 pm. Home-made refreshments

Resident DJ: Mike Reddy (pro-dub licence PD-0010488)

2017 Tango Risqué Tea Dances/Soirées coming up:

18 June  4-7.00 pm   Tango Risqué Tea Dance
30 July 4.30-8.00 pm  Tango Risqué Soirée

27 August  4-7.00 pm  Tango Risqué Alternative Tea Dance
24 September4.30- 8.00 pm  Tango Risqué Soirée

26 November 4-7.00 pm  Tango Risqué Alternative Tea Dance
17 December 4.30- 8.00 pm  Tango Risqué Soirée

(We will no longer be running a Tango Risqué event at the Reading Tango Festival 2017)


Contact: Mike Reddy email:tangorisque@gmail.com

Google map location: https://goo.gl/gtj3ZW

Go to our facebook group page to see what dancers say about Tango Risqué – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1397578363883761/

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