10 Question Interview with Diego Alvaro

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We interviewed Diego Alvaro during a short trip to the UK last year. We found him teaching milonga lisa and milonga traspie at Reading Tango Club. Diego is a founder of El Abrazo Tango Club in Buenos Aires and teaches with Zoraida Fontclara at Confiteria Ideal.diego alvaro 2




1. How often do you visit the UK?
I now try to come every year – as part of a European tour. This trip is my first fourth visit.

2. What is your impression of the UK tango scene?
The standard of tango is definitely improving and it’s great to see more younger dancers tangoing.

3. What made you take up tango?
My family is of Italian extract, so we love opera and all music. My father was an accomplished tango dancer. Unfortunately, when he tried to teach me I preferred rock ‘n roll, so I never learnt from him! I didn’t start learning until 1988.

4. What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
I love running our two milongas a week and teaching at Confiteria Ideal.

5. Describe how Confiteria Ideal fits in to the Buenos Aires tango scene now.

Confiteria Ideal is still very much part of the local tango scene. We have wonderful milongas attended mainly by locals but some tourists as well, of course. Milongas are usually in the afternoon and early evening now.

6. Can you describe your approach to teaching?

I have been teaching for over 20 years. It is important students understand the whole structure of the dance. It’s not just about steps – dancers must understand how to communicate with each other.

7. Is there anything you have a burning ambition to do in the tango world?
No, I just love being at Confiteria Ideal and teaching around the world.

8. What’s your favourite tango band/composer?
I like all the old bands especially D’Arienzo, Canaro, Calo, Donato, Tanturi with Castillo, instrumental Di Sarli, Dagostino with Vargas and Pugiliese.

9. Do you have a favourite tango tune?
That’s difficult. I really enjoy music by Di Sarli/Duran and Calo/ Beron.

10. How do you keep fit? Do you do yoga?
I dance a lot!

Diego can be contacted by email:  elabrazo@elabrazotango.com

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