10 Question Interview with José Manrique and Natalia Pombo

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We caught up with the popular and charming José and Natalia, out of breath,  but more than happy to talk to us, after their wonderful performance at El Amanacer in Caversham during their recent tour of England and France.

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Question 1
Tell us about the first time you came to dance in the UK.

 We first came to the UK in 2009. This current tour is our third tour to the UK. The first time was a bit of a culture shock, even  though Natalia speaks English. Everything was new and we had to find our way around on public transport.

We loved the British sense of humour straightaway, and enjoy it even more now.



Question 2
Where were you brought up?

We were both brought up in Buenos Aires, although we spent our early childhood in the provinces.

Question 3
How did you start tango dancing together?

José was a tango performer and was on the lookout for a tango partner. Friends introduced us and since then we have danced together at numerous shows in Buenos Aires, including at Piazzolla Tango, Señor Tango and Luna Park

Question 4
What’s been the highlight of your dancing career so far?

We’ve had many fantastic experiences. Perhaps the best was when we danced on stage at the Buenos Aires Festival Y Mundial finals in the Lunar Park stadium in 2008. We didn’t win but it was a once in a lifetime experience. Or we love the experience of dancing in Trianon Theatre of Paris for example..or the first time dancing together in Dandy in Buenos Aires…it was too special because of our new feeling at that time. After that, we got engaged and started to be girlfriend and boyfriend…it is an unforgettable memory..The truth is: we have had lot of wonderful experiences dancing on different stages and in lots of circumstances.

Question 5
What are your ambitions in the tango world?

We love to express ourselves through tango – the music, the dancing and the choreography. Perhaps one day we could run our own stage show and people would really enjoy coming to see it.

Question 6
Describe an average week in Buenos Aires for you.

We give 3 or 4 lessons a day, we go to milongas once or twice a week. Outside of tango Natalia immerses herself in pilates and body mechanics and José studies English language and performing arts.

Question 7
Can you tell us more about your style of dancing?

It´s difficult for us to define and we really prefer not “to label” our dancing, for us we just dance tango and our ambition is to dance the most honest it is possible to dance exactly how we feel. El Tango, is about body communication, we love the improvisation, and we treat choreography the same way – leader and follower always working together to vary the dance according to the music, where we are and what we feel.

People could define our dancing and it´s natural, it´s ok, it´s interesting to know what they think about it, but we prefer not to do so ourselves, maybe for being flexible and free.

Question 8
Describe your tastes in tango music.

When we are performing we like Pugliese and Piazzolla. When we are dancing for ourselves or teaching we like Di Sarli. We love lots of songs of different
artists, we like the song “Poema” for example. Perhaps for us, more important than the artist is the song itself.

Question 9
What is your favourite Argentine meal?
Asado, of course!

Question 10
Tell us something we’re unlikely to know about you.

Umm. Well, Natalia is normally the lively and extroverted one. She is always laughing (yes, she has an amazing giggle – editor). But somehow when we teach, José becomes the livewire and Natalia takes the back seat!

José and Natalia are available for private lessons in Buenos Aires and can be contacted through their website: http://tangoxargentinos.com.ar/


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