10 Question Interview with Pablo Veron

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We caught up with Pablo Veron recently at the El Amanecer Tango Club in Reading where he was teaching with Raquel Greenberg.

Question 1

Tango Fuzz: How often do you visit the UK?

Pablo Veron:  At least once a year

Question 2

Tango Fuzz: Do you dance with a regular partner? Who?

Pablo VeronQuite a few!

Question 3

Tango Fuzz: Where were you brought up?

Pablo Veron: Buenos Aires, of course.

Question 4

Tango Fuzz: How old were you when you first started tangoing?

Pablo Veron: I was 16. I was already a professional dancer dancing tap and jazz. I started tango dancing on cruise ships.

Question 5

Tango Fuzz: How do you keep fit?

Pablo Veron: I do cycling, gym workouts and kite surfing

Question 6

Tango Fuzz: You were in Assassination Tango and the Tango Lesson. Have you been in any other films?

Pablo VeronI was in the The Man who Cried with Johnny Depp and Kate Blanchett. I did a gypsy dance.  I was also in Cipayos, an Argentinian film about a fantasy invasion of Argentina by the British. I was a member of a tango resistance group!

Question 7

Tango Fuzz: What are your favourite tango bands/composers?

Pablo VeronCarlos di Sarli and Pedro Laurenz, probably.

Question 8

Tango Fuzz: In your opinion is tango getting more or less popular in Argentina?

Pablo VeronDefinitely more popular. Every year the championships attract more and more people.

Just then a student interrupted us – “You have transformed my dancing in 3 lessons”, he exclaimed.
Pablo nodded empathetically; grinning he said  ”Be sure to include that in this interview!”. So we have.

Question 9

Tango Fuzz: Which country has the most active tango scene outside Argentina?

Pablo Veron: After Argentina, a long way behind, Italy

Question 10

Tango Fuzz: Do you still give tango classes in Buenos Aires?

Pablo VeronYes, I am still available. (Contact Tango Fuzz for Pablo’s email address) 

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