10 question interview with Frances Pace of Tango Instinct

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Ten question interview with Frances Pace of Tango Instinct

Question 1

How did you learn to tango? 

About 10 years ago a friend of a friend wanted to learn salsa, and I wanted to learn tango – so we did a ‘swap’.  One thing led to another, as they say… well, the romance didn’t last but the tango-passion did!

Question 2

Where were you brought up?

In Leeds, Yorkshire – my northern lass-ness sneaks out sometimes…

Question 3

How would you describe your dancing style?

I love traditional style and technique – and I enjoy the fluidity and creativity of dancing with nuevo folk too.

Question 4

What’s been the highlight of your dancing career so far? 

The highlight for me is watching people flourish.  Creating the Tango Instinct holidays in Crete – and seeing people have a great time – is something I feel very proud of.

Question 5

You also run tantric tango workshops. What’s this about? 

Now you’re asking!  In a nutshell it’s exploring the emotional, psychological and energetic aspects of tango.  The rest is top-secret I’m afraid…

Question 6

What does it take to be a good tango teacher?  

Maybe it’s my northern-ness – I try to keep things straightforward.  And my focus is on how best to help people learn, rather than me as ‘teacher’.  Having said that, I do love being STRICT!

Question 7

How do you keep fit? Do you do yoga?

I have a special daily regime which involves wild dancing to bad 80s music (it’s true!).

Question 8

What’s your favourite tango band/composer? 

I’m really loving Di Sarli with Alberto Podesta at the moment.

Question 9

Tango Instinct is doing really well in our Rate a Milonga ratings. Why do you think this is? 

It’s really fabulous people are enjoying the milonga so much, I’m quite taken aback.  We have lots of wonderful dancers who are warm and open-hearted – it’s down to them!

Question 10

You’re very calm. What makes you lose your temper?

Ha ha!  Teaspoons being in the wrong place in the cutlery drawer.

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