Ten things we like to see at milongas

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10 things we like to see at milongas




  1. A friendly welcome by the organisers
  2. A milonga culture that ensures everybody gets a dance whether through the cabeceo or otherwise
  3. DJs that know what their dancers want to dance to – usually plenty of old favourites
  4. Good ventilation; when dancers look hot it’s too late!
  5. Plenty of fluids available , even if it is only tap water with a slice of lemon or cucumber
  6. Tango club web sites that show all the milonga dates for the next 6 months or so, rather than “the third Monday in the month”, which nobody remembers
  7. Collaborative events by organisers – it’s great when we see you working together for our benefit
  8. Sorry to mention it but we think anti-bacterial gel should be available
  9. Tango clubs that tell you the type of music to expect at a milonga e.g. 75% salon, 25% modern
  10. Open air tango – Eton Bridge, Regents Park, Spitalfields – where else in the UK?



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