What’s Important at Milongas? – Survey Results

Our mini-survey regarding What’s important at milongas is now closed.¬†We received around a hundred votes which was fine as a beta test, but, of course, not really statistically significant.

Here’s a summary of the results:

Music to dance to

Dancers said that, even more than the type of music played, the most important thing to them was that there should be smooth transitions from one song to another, with clear cortinas.

Milonga culture

Welcoming hosts, friendly, non-cliquish dancers and good floorcraft were considered more important than dancing experience levels or a cabaceo system.

Getting a dance

Followers felt strongly that where there are more followers than leaders tandas should consist of 3 songs and not 4. They did not favour a booking system to even numbers out though.


A good sound system was a definite requirement, followed by a nice ambience and a good dance floor. The availability of alcoholic drinks was not so important.


The most important requirement was a free nearby car park


Surprisingly, perhaps, dancers wanted to be able to rely on a good website, even more than facebook notifications

Timing preferences

Saturday nights were the most favoured times for attending a milonga, followed by Friday nights or Sunday afternoons.

The full survey is here